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Every Bertucci™ watch is carefully designed, manufactured and inspected to ensure it meets our Promise Of Performance™ to you. This is backed up by a 3 year warranty on the watch head and 1 year on the band. If defective, please return to the dealer or send to us for warranty replacement.

Please contact us with any questions at 866-665-7327 or via the web at

Bertucci Owners Manual

Bertucci Warranty Form

Battery, Band and Repair

Care for you Bertucci Field Watch:

  1. Never wear the watch unless the crown (setting knob) is completely screwed down. Do not over-tighten.
  2. We recommend rinsing your watch band with fresh water after exposure to salt water, chlorinated pools, hot tubs, whirlpools, chemicals or soil loads.
  3. Never adjust crown (setting knob) when watch is wet or submerged in water.
  4. Keep watch clean and free of debris, especially around the crown area.
  5. If leather band is submerged in water for an extended time period, allow it to air dry.
  6. Replace band if excessively worn.
  7. If watch has stopped, bring to local jeweler or a professional watch service shop for battery replacement.
  8. Do not expose your watch to intense magnetic fields such as loudspeakers and other electromagnetic devices.
  9. When setting your watch, handle the crown gently as this is a precision device.
  10. Do not subject your watch to severe impact.