One of the most common problems we run into here at TacticalWatch is being able to give our customers a good idea of how each watch will fit and what to expect as far as size. Being an online retailer, most of out customers cannot simply stop by and try on the desired style. This diagram is to aid in comparing diameter sizes while shopping online. We have put, side-by-side,  four ‘benchmark’ sizes for you to compare.

Currently the smallest size watch we offer is a 29.6mm Bertucci M-1S Women’s watch. These watches are grouped in with all watches under 38mm like the 37mm Traser Type 3 and the 36mm Bertucci A-1S. Just because these happen to be ‘small’ sized watches, they are not all women’s watches. These watches are preferred by many because the their lack of weight and bulkiness.

38mm-40mm: is there really a difference? YES. While this 2mm difference may not drastically change the appearance, it does effect the size of the band. The Lumionx Colormark 38mm series is often confused for the larger 44mm version; there is a 1.5″ difference in length in these two styles. This rule may not apply with all styles and brands, but keep an eye out to save yourself the trouble of an exchange.

A majority of the watches at fall into a size somewhere between 41mm46mm. Here you can find styles such as the Lumionx Black Ops series, Lumionx Navy Seal Colormark as well as a large section of the Traser watch line.

Some believe that “bigger is better” and if you are one of those people, you’ll be shopping for a watch over 46mm in diameter. If you are unsure of being able to pull of such a large watch, measure your wrist! These watches are big and rugged and, in most cases, quite heavy. These watches are recommended for individuals with a larger, thicker forearm and wrist.

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